Darius: Lord of Pleasures - Grace Burrowes I enjoyed this one, whore falls in love, awww true love. But they sure gotta work for it.Right, the whore, ok escort, cos there are certain things he just wont do. Until the gets the right price. Darius must knock up Lady Vivian, cos her nice husband pays for it. Drama!Lady Vivian is so sweet, so kind, a bit clueless, not seeing what she is worth and I like her. Because she is just truly innocent. She will also do whatever her husband tells her (to save the title when he dies).Darius is an escort *coughs whore*. He is kind too and he does want to do right by her. But the situation he is in, sticky. I felt sorry for him too. This book is, well I do not want to say too much. She needs to get pregnant. She is married. This is a month only and then they will part. Darius has his own problems. There is an ass waiting in the shadows (isn't there always). And there will be more drama, heartache and happiness promised.A very sweet story about longing.