Empress (Godspeaker Series #1)

Empress (Godspeaker Trilogy) - Karen Miller Wow, this book has no heroine, instead it has a cold insane bloodthirsty bitch. She would cut you down for just looking at you. She puts the B in bitch. If I had read this book from another POV I would have hated her and hoped scorpions would feast on her heart, but as it was. She was strong, ruthless, and the end, I mean omg, what a fucking bitch! A true anti-heroine.The world is harsh, women are less than dirt in some places and priest rule and cast down sinners. Warlords rule districts and the land is cold and bloody. The religion is God and Demons and I do wonder sometimes who is talking to Hekat, demons or God? Because someone sure is.The book is also bloody and raw. She is sold as a slave and soon learns a lesson, which seems to make her even more insane. But then she did grow up without a name, often chained to the wall, never spoken too and only referred to as a she-brat. As girls in her part of the worlds were nothing. Also I never get that, the same is true about our crazy world. What are they thinking? You are just gonna end up with men and no women, yeah real clever thinking there.At the end I want more. Because this world is going to hell. War is tearing the world apart, blood is flowing like rivers and no one is spared. Kids are killed, women are killed, everyone is killed. I must know how it all will end. And I do hope Hekat gets what is coming to her. Because even if she is interesting to read about the final straw did come and I hope God will smite her wicked soul.A dark and interesting start to this series.