Dark Haven (Chronicles of the Necromancer)

Dark Haven  - Gail Z. Martin It was good, but I just feels that it's so light and simple, almost YA like. Sorry YA, I know you can be dark and all that. But, yes but there is a simplicity over this series. Even when someone is dying it's just light. And I am not saying I need bloody and complicated fantasy. I just want it to feel a bit more ...mature. I feels too YA. Our young king and queen worry over the state of the land (is that what makes it YA, cos they are young? Should not be like that). Dark Haven a new lord and some of the "vampires" are not happy. A idiotic lord is trying to sow doubt and cause war. We have conspiracies, war, battles and romantic feelings.As the book has that simple feel it reads fast and I do want to know what happens next. I fear I will get very angry and hope everyone in the kingdom dies. People are always so stupid when they are scared.If you are looking for an easy epic series then this is for you.