Left Hand Magic (Golgotham Series #2)

Left Hand Magic - Nancy A. Collins A series that got even better with book 2, I do love when that happens.In this one things are heating up between humans and, well non-humans. Tate is in the middle of it all as she lives in Golgatham. Yes Tate, I do like her cos she is not kick-ass, neither is she a damsel in distress. She is just your average kind of human who loves to make things in her studio. She has a warlock boyfriend and she is very curious. Yes that puts her in trouble too. I do love kick-ass heroines, but it's a nice change to have someone like Tate. She also puts all her faith in love, because when things got tricky in Golgatham, well I would have left. It was scary there for a long moment of the book.Oh look I made this short :DA great series, that I do recommend.