Black Howl (Black Wings Series #3)

Black Howl - Christina Henry The best book in the series to far, and it was also completely evil! By Lucifer it was so evil.In this one ghosts are behaving strange, Gabriel is Maddy's thrall and neither one is happy. Our favorite gargoyle wants donuts. Wolves are missing and as always the courts of the fallen are conspiring. And Maddy is in the middle of it all.Maddy is somewhat of a klutz, she will fall into the worst situation and still mouth off. I have to love her. Yes she is stupid in a way, but I like her. The series is not Mercy awesome. Instead it's just truly enjoyable because the story keeps me wanting more all the time. It made it hard for me to put it down. Sure it's simple at times, but when it makes me want more it makes me want more.And the end, I mentioned it in the beginning, but it was just so evil! Not cliffie evil (cos it was that too), but yes Lucifer evil. Now I need more cos I can guess what Lucifer wants now.Fun!