Free Fall

Free Fall - Catherine Mann This is book 4 but I could jump right in and it could just as well have been book 1. So it worked really well as a stand alone.The book jumps around a bit. Stella and Jose had a love affair and we get a few flashbacks as he tries to save her life. And then the story continues. The flashes were good and bad. I kind of wished we would have gotten it all at once instead of half a page here and there. I get very impatient.Right, Stella, tough, searching for the truth, spying. Jose, tough, commanding job. Both with pasts. Two people who really do no have time to sit down and fall in love. But the attraction is there. And it's not like I can smack them over the head cos their jobs are tough!While these two want and can't there is a kidnapping plot, and then a bigger something is gonna happen plot. A thrilling book that threw a few punches.