Shadows and Strongholds

Shadows and Strongholds - Elizabeth Chadwick I do love Chadwick's books. There is just this feel to them. They even make me want to live in that age. Even if I totally would have been dead by now.This on is about Brunin FitzWarin, another character found in the mists of time. He was sent away for fostering, grew up and married the daughter of the house. But the story has more to tell than that. There is the shaky ground his family sits on regarding their lands. And the same thing is true about the de Dinan family. There is always someone else who has claim. And of course the beginning of the book also shows the power struggle for the English throne.And midst all that we have a boy growing up, he is made to be unsure of himself (he did not have the easiest time at home). But he grows into a strong and sensible young man. Hawise de Dinan is a nice heroine, strong, but willful. There is also some rivalry between her and her foster sister (who I wanted to smack, that idiot!). I like the way she portrays daily life, because even when there was war and campaigns life went on. It was a rough life, but interesting to read about.What more can I say than this was another Chadwick win for me.