Double Enchantment

Double Enchantment (The Relics of Merlin) - Kathryne Kennedy This is book two, but it works perfectly as a stand alone and you can just jump straight in. There is a little prologue at first explaining why and what magic is.And on to the book. Jasmine is a proper young lady, until a spell backfires on her. Which leads her to meet a shapeshifter, and those are just so beneath her social standing. Too bad Sterling is a total hottie and sparks fly. The book is about Jasmine trying to find a missing magical relic, and the twin she created with magic. Her very naughty twin. Sterling is sent to help her, and he wants her. But he does seem to have a few issues to deal with.Oh and there is a gnome! At first I did not like him, but he was fun in the end. And annoying! Poor Jasmine. Also loved her aunt Nettie. So glad about a thing that happened *giggles*A magical story set in an alternate EnglandAnd now on to the spoiler..........................................Sterling meets the illusion twin first and has sex with her! Wtf? And lusts after her. Then he gets disappointed when he meets the real deal. But oh she is after a while nice too. All while All I can think of is that he had sex with her TWIN! Fail!