Clippie Girls

Clippie Girls - Margaret Dickinson This was a family saga about 3 sisters, their mother and grandmother, in the time of WWII.The war starts and sisters Peggy and Rose becomes clippies (conductresses). Peggy is the oldest, pretty levelheaded and careful. I liked her and understood why she was not over the heals in love with the man she was going out with. While Rose is the hellion (well almost) and who is in love with her sister's boyfriend. As you can see tension from the start.Then we have a grandmother who says what she wants and has very firm opinions about things. A mother who stands in her own mother's shadow and the youngest sister who loves to study. But it's mostly about Peggy and Rose. Their lives during the war as it changes everything. It's a book about friendship, love, family and heartache.When the book reached a certain point I did not want to put it down. I needed to know what would happen to certain characters and I feared my heart would break.A good family saga