The Alloy of Law (Mistborn Series #4)

The Alloy of Law  - Brandon Sanderson I do like Sanderson's works, but please focus on one thing! He has a crazy amount of books going on. This one, that is a stand alone continuation of the Mistborn series will have a follow up in 2014. Or whenever. And will it be a real follow up? I do not know, but I hope so as things sure were left unfinished.Still it was a good, if weird fantasy novel. As it takes place after the Mistborn apocalypse (or whatever we should call it). The world has turned to steam and guns. It's a western world. And it certainly is nothing I have come across.Into this returns Lawkeeper Wax to become Lord of his House. A pretty cool guy. A nice sidekick turns up too. Wax tries to be a good Lord, and he also tries to marry to get some money into the house. All while things and people are stolen in the city and he is soon on the case.So we are left with a western fantasy mystery. An easy read that I enjoyed. Still maybe to new for me. I like my fantasy old. I also wanted more and I do hope I get come closure.