Lady Eve's Indiscretion

Lady Eve's Indiscretion - Grace Burrowes Almost all the Windham siblings have found love now. Left are Eve and Jenny. Eve does not want to marry, cos of a secret in her past. This time the secret was good as back then being ruined is not exactly a good thing.Eve was sweet, she does want more from life, but how to get it? She leaves disappointed suitors in her wake. This goes on from season to season. But we all know she will fall eventually and in comes Lucas, their neighbor. Sure they fight, but something is there. But she does not want marriage and he really needs an heir.The romance plot and these falling in love is only a part of the book. There is also how Lucas wants to take care of his niece as he promised his sister but the father does not want to let go. And Lucas trying to make some money from his estates. More secrets lie in wait in this book.As always the focus is still on Eve and Lucas. It's their book, their love story. Their drama. It's truly about them even with all the other things going on.