Cowboy Tough

Cowboy Tough - Joanne Kennedy Cowboys, if you had missed it, I like them. Why, well do you really need a why?Cat is a big city girl with dreams. Sure she has her problems, but it's tough trying to bond with your niece, when that niece is mourning. I get that.The hero is a cowboy, like you did not see that coming, lol. Mack is nice and works hard to keep the ranch going. He used to be a bronc rider and came home to help his mum. Gotta love a good guy.The story is about Cat trying to bond with her niece. Cat and Mack falling in love, being passionate, messing things up cos of spoilers spoilers. There is also the story of wanting the ranch to thrive and..well other things I can't mention either. But all good things to read about as they brought excitement. A nice cowboy romance. Boy meets girl, and after a few fights things start to happen.