Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson Series #3)

Third Grave Dead Ahead  - Darynda Jones You who have read this series know what I am gonna say, and sighing while doing so...Reyes Reyes Ray'ziel. Yes, oh did other things happen too? I did not notice ;)This book was just awesome, funny, it had me giggling, and totally swoonworthy as it had me melting into puddles. The reason for that? Reyes, even when he is angry, so very very angry, he has me going weak in the knees. Totally psychotic by the way but Jones writes it so well and I just can't think properly when he shows up. But as always he is in jail, or her dreams. Still plenty of Reyes for me.Ok we covered funny and the most droolworthy man on the planet, go son of Satan ;)The plot in this one is to find a missing wife (and then more things happen that I can't tell you about but holy cow!).The book was much better than book 2, which was a good book. I read this one in a day and I seriously crave book 4 but must wait for the paperback *curses the sky*.