Once Again a Bride

Once Again a Bride - Jane Ashford It was cute, that is what I want to say, it was cute :) Adorable, sweet, yes a cute regency.Charlotte was married to an idiot who bullied her. And he is now dead (no need to mourn him). She is a bit of a grey mouse a first who slowly comes out of her shell. She did not have it easy, she is very young, and I liked her. She was nice.The hero, (she is his aunt, lol), Sir Alexander is, a bit harsh at times. He has a lot on his plate, but he is kind, that he is. And he does care. Their romance takes times as many other things are going on and I loved that it moved slowly. They were ...on speaking terms, sort of friends and something grew.The plot here is that Charlotte's husband left his affairs, Oh I can't say too much but it was a mess. And then there is the mystery who he died. There is also a second romance between servants and I liked that one too as we seldom see servants falling in love.A cute romance, with a bit of thrill in it.