Pandemonium (Delirium Trilogy)

Pandemonium  - Lauren Oliver I really liked book 1. I read it in a sitting and I liked the world. No feelings. Awesome premise. So of course I really looked forward to book 2. Sadly it went down in a flaming piece of pooh.What went wrong? Honestly? Everything! First of all I spent the first chapters confused. Then that was settled but it still felt messy. See the book have 2 timelines. Then, when she is in the Wilds (yawn) and Now, when she is for some reason in the Resistance. Of course these timelines never met. The whole Now was just confusing.So then we have that out of the way, the confusing bits. Let's move on to how the book was so freaking boring, blah blah blah. I could care less about anyone in the book or anything in this world.Ok so this point is not the thing that made the book suck but come on! Yes love triangle. A freaking love triangle in a book where love is classified as a disease. Not to mention that I never felt it.Moving on again, Lena was boring, not a good heroine this time around. Oh and do not even get me started on how she suddenly turns into a ninja or something. The whole last part was just a fail.The only good thing I liked in the entire book was the cliffie in the end. That was actually good. Even if so obvious.