Full Blooded

Full Blooded - The prequel promised something good and that it was. A heroine who is the only female werewolf in the world. There just are no females. Which means a lot of men hate her, and fear her. What a premise of a story, I like it.Jessica is a PI (yes you know that happens a lot in UF), she did used to be a cop too, but got an a_hole after her. I so hated that guy. So now she solves crime and hides away from weres and the supernatural community. Because she is something that should not be. She is kick-ass, cool, but yes always trying to keep under the radar. Which is not easy.In this book she transforms, yes she can actually become a wolf. Not good, the men will hate her more. People are after her, the pack is unhappy, the cops shows up and it's just none stop action.There is also a bit of passion. I will not say more but it sure turned things around at one point. Lips sealed.I wonder what she will bring to the world, what is going on? The end was a bit of a cliffie and yes I want more. It was a very good start and I could not put it down.