No Such Thing as Immortality

No Such Thing as Immortality - Sarah Tranter Maybe English vampire books just have another feel to them, or maybe it was because Nathaniel totally pulled off Mr Darcy ;) Either was it was a good vampire novel that felt fresh in an era when that's hard.These vampires survive on pig's blood and do not feel. Because when you are that old feelings will just drag you down. In comes Nathaniel, our 200 old vampire (an Earl too btw). He tries his best to be modern but has trouble with it. Instead he tends to go a bit Mr Darcy, which was totally adorable and made me giggle. He is truly the perfect gentleman.Rowan, the heroine, says what she feels and when they meet, and crash. Something happens. These two are meant to be and to see him try to court her, yes adorable. There could have been a bit of a stalker warning because of how he wanted to protect her, but when you realize all the facts in the end it makes sense. Some are just meant to be. And to feel after having not feel for 200 years, well it gets a bit intense.Something else is also at play in this book. I can't say too much, but yes all is not as it should be.A delightful novel