Towers Of Midnight: Book Thirteen of the Wheel of Time

Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13; A Memory of Light, #2) - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson 30.12.2012First just let me say how much I hate the Seanchan, and they are not even the bad guys, well ok they are bad, but not THE bad guys. Here we get insight into what might happen if the world comes out ok after the last battle. And I will only say that I hope everyone last Seanchan ends up in a Trollock pot and get eaten. There is no hope for this world and the Seanchan is so ruthless in that their way is the only way.Yup hating the Seanchan.Find myself understanding *coughs* sort of, Galad. Kind of even like that idiot.Elayne is a complete moron. The babies must have addled her brain.How did Egwene become so wise so fast? Please.Lan is riding to his doom, go Lan!Mat wants to save Moiriane. One would think he could go to his wife and get that idiot to see some sense first. Grr Seanchan scum.Rand is all peaceful..freaky.Perrin is cool. Faile is meh.Berelain finds her true love, why is everyone really pretty or handsome in this book?Finding more LOTR parallels.And everyone is moving towards the Last Battle...does that mean the final book is 900 pages of battle!? o_OYAY I can't wait for the last book. Yes I am harsh at times but I love this series.2010Plot:A whole lot going on! Just read the blurb. My thoughts:Omg, omg! I have been in such a reading frenzy, barely been able to put down this incredibly big and heavy book. I have read like crazy, and fast, because I just wanted to get to the end. I have been lamenting, and swearing. Oh how I love The Wheel of Time. I do not even know how to start, or where. I'll just write whatever pops up in my mind.Perrin, never been a big fan of him but here I was cursing cos I wanted to read faster and get to his chapters. He had a meeting with those nasty white cloaks (oh have I despise those righteous bastards!) Especially that idiot Galad, but, I am not going to say anything more. Mat, he had quite the adventure as he is searching for Moiraine, who should be dead. And he has to deal with those weird foxes and snakes again. But way too little Rand. He was just in and out trying to fix things and prepare all for the last battle. Also I finally think I know who is leading The Forsaken now, I can't wait to see if I am right. As for the male madness, Rand has fixed that, but how the Black and White tower will stand in the future is anyones guess.The women still annoy me, honestly what is up with that? And why is Min always the one who gets to travel around with Rand, his little tomboy who hates to wear dresses *rolls eyes*, and pregnant Elayne is just left in Andor. Dunno if I like what she is doing with her new kingdom. Anyway the only woman I can seem to stand is Berelain, she is a flirt and she knows what she wants.Rambling much, yeah.The Last Battle, it's actually just around the corner. I never thought that would happen. This book picks together all the pieces and shoves all the armies to the north. The next book, oh I hope it's not 800 pages of battle! Because it looks to be that way. Hate hate the Seanchan, those bloody idiots will ruin the world. I can see it now, the last battle won and the Seanchan conquering the world *grinds teeth*, I wish Rand would use balefire and wipe them all out. I used to hate the whitecloaks like crazy( because they are religious zealots), but now all my hate is directed towards the Seanchan who wants to conquer and destroy. And who doesn't even believe there is a dark lord in wait to swallow the world in darkness.Recommendation and final thoughts:Hell yeah! Read this series, it is just the way I want my fantasy, I love it beyond words. Sure there are A LOT of characters, a lot of things going on, but if I can keep up with it when I am reading like a madwoman then it should be a piece of cake when reading normally (which I do when I re-read, lol.)Ok, calm down. I am must try to write something clever. Get my act together.This book managed what I never thought it would, put pieces together and move forward. It made me ache that I do not have book 14 and must wait a whole year. And when I get that book I will read it like crazy again. This is my one and only auto buy.Have I made it clear I freaking loved the book? ;) Cover: yawns, no I do not like when all the covers are alike.