Just a Cowboy and His Baby

Just a Cowboy and His Baby - Carolyn Brown In this Brown novel it's Gemma who gets her shot at love. She is a bronc rider and is competing for the grand prize. She is tough as nails and wont anyone walk over her, in this manly world. But she is also kind, and yes sassy.In comes hunky Trace, of course she has checked him out and he her. But he is her most fierce competition so no chance of anything happening. But who am I kidding, of course something will happen. These two will spend months travelling the same roads, going to the same places. Fate is pushing them together.There is a baby in the title, and something is shown a bit into the book so that one is easy to figure out.The book was cute, filled with Texas charm and a book that you easily read in one day. You just sit down and the pages fly by.