Knife Of Dreams: The Wheel of Time: Book Eleven

Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, #11) - Robert Jordan What can I say that I have not said a million times before? So boring reviewing a big series.Rand will loose something in this one. Oh and the power is cleaned by no one believes it, idiots.Egwene is better in this one as she is a prisoner and talks back and gets birched.Tuon is still a bitchy little thing, I mean Pet pet pet! Yeah I would have slapped her. She does get a bit, a tiny bit better in the end.While Mat is annoying as he just tries his best, but then in the end, yes then he is cool again.Perrin is looking for Faile. Oh you idiot, you should know better!Faile is being all Faile and making plans.Nynaeve is not seen around a lot but she does rally the forces.Elayne is totally being the MOST boring person in the book, babies yada yada whatever.Oh and I hate how the Seanchan is all "oh you superstitious people". Drives me bonkers, I wish some trollocs could come and eat them.But this book is better than the last few. Things are happening.