Alien vs. Alien

Alien vs. Alien - Gini Koch As I have reviewed many Kitty books before I will try not to go into details I just feel I have said it all already. But I will try.The book is crazy, but if you have read Koch's books before you already know this. If you haven't then what are you waiting for? Crazy stuff is happening all over the place, Kitty is as smart (in her weird way) as ever. She has a new talent that you will get to see in action. Non stop action.I do not know what to say, I enjoyed it. There was quite a mystery about who is bad, who is after them, what the &%& is happening? There will be aliens, androids and new freaky things to get to know. Things does not cool down in Kitty's world.The romance, well someone will find romance. Martini seems to be cooling down on the jealousy (lol, well sort of). I missed Reader. Christopher and Amy are happy. Not much of Mama Katt. White, yay (he is so cool),, sorry but I just do not like him. Oh and there is someone..."bitchy", oh you will laugh when you see what I mean.Conclusion:Crazy action, hidden secrets and evil baddies. Koch never fails to surprise.