Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight

Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight - Grace Burrowes Lady Louisa is finally getting her man, not that she was looking though. All the sisters seem to be happy with what they have at the moment. Let' start.There are secrets, but to be honest, the secrets in this series are all pretty lame. Though I did like her secret, that made sense with her choices. We learn it almost at once too. Joseph's secret, oh that was the lame one, I did not know why he even bothered with that one. But then this is not about secrets. For me these books are about romance.Louisa needs a knight in shining armor and her widowed neighbor Sir Joseph comes to the rescue. They are already acquainted, but here they learn to know each other better, and fall in love.The story worked (even if his secret was lame but he is a man so they are all silly ;). The love grows and I could see it. Sure it all takes place during a short period of time but still it works. And as always the book is light and so easy to read that the pages just fly by. You have to read on.A nice historical romance