Mistletoe Cowboy

Mistletoe Cowboy - Carolyn Brown My thoughts:As always, Brown's book is just adorable. It's a feel good book, a book that feels like eating yummy pie by the fireplace. What can I say, it will make you happy too.Sage is pissed, and she meets Creed. Sparks fly, yes neither is happy at first. As she wants the ranch and he wants the ranch. But little do they know that Grand's Indian Sense know exactly what these two need. Sure the love comes fast, but it feels right because they are soul mates and so meant to be. There is a bit of drama but mostly smooth sailing as they find out what they both want. And that is love.Sage is an artist, dreamy, spirited. She is also afraid of commitment, and yes it was nice that she was the one afraid. Creed is a true cowboy, he wants his own ranch, he is kind and well the kind of guy you would want, trust me. He cooks, he cleans, he is the best.It's a sweet lovestory and it's mostly about these two as they are stranded on the ranch because of the snowstorm. It is part of a series, but again trust me, it works prefect as a strand alone.I must admit that I did laugh at something. They were all cold and wore 3 sock and then I read the degree, and was all, ha, you silly cowboy. That is not cold, that is at best a warm winter day.Conclusion.An adorable love story.