Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl - Olivia Goldsmith Kate left her Brooklyn roots and made it to Manhattan. She has a good job and great friends there. But then one of her old Brooklyn friends shows up heartbroken, Bina has fallen apart after her boyfriend left to explore his "singleness". What to do in a situation like this? Well there is always the enigmatic Billy Nolan, all Brooklyn and all gorgeous. Not to mention that when ever he dumps a girl that girls marries the next guy that comes along, and it doesn't take that long either. Could he be the answer to Binas problem? She can date Billy, get dumped and wait for Jacks return. But the problem might be what Billy feels about the whole thing.This book got me thinking because I honestly didn't care for Kate, early on she mentions how glad she is to be out of Brooklyn, and how much better she is because of it, and this cos she dress better. That comes back later on when she thinks that even if she has the most "simple" dress she still looks so much better than the rest at the wedding she is on. I did recent that only because she lives in Manhattan she is so much better, more worth than those not living in the real big city. All this because of the expensive and fine clothes she wears. What kind of message is that? Or perhaps she only wants to diss Brooklyn, but I took it in too, and it means me too then.And what is with this obsession to get married. Sure I love it in a book, but it was like they couldn't live without it, it defined them. And why marry someone you haven't known for long? Can that really tun out great, it wasn't like they showed in great emotions either, like it was kismet.Oh and I am really tearing at the book now. It wasn't that bad actually. Yes it never did have me laughing or smiling, first once at the end. I was never that interested, and I quickly understood how everything would turn out. But I am sure others could love this book, well at least like it. I guess that because of what Kate said early on I never warmed up to her, and she was bitchy throughout the book, in a way.I think I will stop giving ratings, it is so hard. But since I didn't like the book in the end, I can't recommend it. I rather say that it's up to each to make their own impression of it. Books I don't like others love. That is life. Maybe others can laugh at it too.Though I can say that I give most of my books 3, because it's so hard to choose, and this book wasn't a 3 even if it was an easy read that didn't take much out of you.