Season for Surrender

Season for Surrender - Theresa Romain Are you getting a sense of Deja vu? Well then you are correct cos I have already posted a review of this one on my blog. Rameau's review, but then Anachronist asked if I would write one too? And I thought about it and thought why not. It will be fun to compare.I am glancing at Rameau's review while writing this ;)I did think the smexing came to fast in this book, suddenly there it was and I was all lime wow, slow down people. Seems Rameu found a way of approving this while I am not too happy about it. Just too fast.The heroine loves books, and that means I loved the heroine and it really showed what a booklover she was.The whole rogue aspect around Xavier I did not get, I would have wished for him to be explored, or explained more.Seems Rameau liked the discussions the couple had, I fear I found those part the most dull. Nothing happened (of course then smack! smexing).She wonders about Lockwood, well I sure hope he does not get a book, but yes Jane should get one. She is a cousin of Xavier and a sweet thing.Conclusion:All in all, bluestocking meets Rogue and soon it all starts. Of course he means to seduce her to win a wager and she, well she wants to live for once.For Rameu's more excellent review go here