Pride and Prejudice (Marvel Illustrated)

Pride and Prejudice (Marvel Classics) - Jane Austen, Nancy Butler, Hugo Petrus I do not think I have to go through the story ;)I like this one, it worked better than Jane Eyre. Why? Perhaps it was a better suited story for a Graphic Novel, perhaps it was because they did not put in every long, long, long 19 century sentence. They used all the important ones but it never felt like too much.My fav scenes were there, and I enjoyed this Graphic Novel,, and yes it helped cos the pics were so cute and colorful. And he got the era with the clothes and such.I will not ever love it as much as the movies, but to a beginner to the novel and movies this one could do just that. Make you interested to read the novel and see if anything was missing. One thing to complain about, silly really, but the teeth looked really weird sometimes, freaky and like the person were angry all the time.