Feast Of Souls: Magister: Book One

Feast Of Souls  - C.S. Friedman I love a good fantasy book and this was just that. I could not put it down.I did want a map though, I always need a map in fantasy. But ok, on to the story. We meet a king and queen and one son is dying. Those who are the masters of magic in the world has been sent for (the Magisters). They know what's wrong, I am not gonna say it, but it was such a good twist. And I so want to talk about it as it's one big part of this book, and the whole series. But just know that..it's good.We follow a few people as the story progress, and again I just can't tell you what they all are doing. There is Kamila, who wants to do more in life than the hard life of a poor woman without choices. She wants to be a Magister, but only men can become Magisters. Women lacks something and does not make it through the training. They become witches, but not all men can become Magisters either, so they are also witches. I did enjoy the magic system. But did I like her? Not really. Dunno why either. Sure she was cold, but her life had been hard.There is Prince Andovan who is dying, I liked him. Colivar, a magister, he is a mystery, I liked him too. Queen Gwynofar, a princess from the North and of a people who guard the rest of the world against a dark evil. An evil that is said to return one day. All in all a great cast.A great story, there is a quest of finding answers, a quest of becoming bigger than you are, and then the story takes a darker turn too. A turn that made me want to read the rest of this trilogy at once. It looks to be a great series indeed.What is the price of magic? What's to big to pay? That you will learn.