Sad Desk Salad: A Novel

Sad Desk Salad - Jessica Grose I needed something light and funny and this was the perfect book for that. Though it was not just happiness and sunshine, no this book did look at the internet a bit more closely too.Alex the heroine gets up around 6 am and then works for almost 12 hours. She does not dress, take a shower and often forget to eat. She is obsessed with her work as the tempo is high and she needs to find and write several pieces a day and get a lot of traffic for the website. Is she happy? I think she is too busy to consider this. But I did like that she wanted more.The book takes place during a hectic week as she gets an email with a video. Do post or not to post? Where does one draw the line? She already has angry comments on some post and this, this could be really bad, but also really good for the site. There is pressure and figuring out what really is the right thing to do. Not to mention, getting out of that disgusting muumuu she is wearing.I liked the light was it was written, and there was a lightness in the air too. But it did not get too light thanks to the drama going on.A fun book that you can read in a heartbeat.