Trouble with Highlanders

The Trouble With Highlanders - Mary Wine The blurb is a bit misleading. This is what happens. 3 months ago Daphne had sex with the Earl of Sutherland so she did not have to marry her best friend who was in love with another woman. She is now ruined gods and tries to get her clan back on its feet. They are poor and without a clear leader. And Norris does think about her, as a certain part of him remembers her well. And that is where this story begins. Daphne is believed to be an heiress, which is silly since she knows she is dirt poor. She wants to feel free, she says what she feels and she is a strong woman, something that is not always good back then.Norris, the strong hero, the leader for his clan (and all that) is, well truth be told he kind of thinks with his favorite body part when it comes to the heroine.I liked the book because it had the usual drama. A couple that can't be but is on each other like rabbits anyway. A bitchy person that shows up (I shall say no more). And getting what you want, or do not know you want.But I did feel that Norris should have done more at times. There were some things and if I had been Daphne then I would just have told him to bugger off, but just like him she thought with her new favorite body part.Yes there is passion in this book if you have not noticed ;)Sexy highlander seeks woman that does not back down.