Riveted: A Novel of the Iron Seas

Riveted -  Meljean Brook Iron Sharks, Airships and scary trolls. I do love steampunk and the world is just so fascinating, things that could have happened (even if not likely ;). I did miss the zombies though, I never thought I would say that but they do give a nice chase.This book works fine on it's own, we do not see the previous characters around but if you want to know more about the Horde, the tower, zombies, then you really must start with book 1.Annika is a mysterious woman who does not talk about her past. She hails from Iceland, the land of trolls and witches...or what is really going on? Annika was hard to get to know, but that was the idea, as she kept her secrets close. We knew them, but she would not let anyone else know. So it was not easy at times.The hero, David is from the new world, and would by some not be called pretty exactly as he has legs of iron, fake eye and scars. But such a nice and sweet guy. Love him.There is adventure as bad things are coming. David are off to explore volcanoes, Annika has secrets to guard. Friendship is growing, passion is slowly emerging. And when it finally does come around, then it's hot and fast.I did feel a bit sad that there was no Mina or Rhys, but I can live with that. And I do hope that there will be more from this fascinating world.