The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire, Book 3)

The Kingmakers - Susan Griffith A bit torn, it's more 3,5 or 3,75. Not as good as book 1, but much better than book 2. hmMy thoughts:Can it end well, can it? Can it? That was my question throughout this book; make that throughout the whole series. I will not give you that answer; you have to read the book for yourself. I will not say if it ends well, bad, I will just say that, oh I will not say anything at all about that.Which brings me to the story. Doomed love, utterly doomed love. All vampires are evil and will kill and drink. The good ones will perhaps think not to kill all as they need their cattle. Then we have our hero Gareth, a good vampire. Why? Who knows? Maybe it was the madness after killing thousands. But he is an awesome hero, pretending to be a hero called Greyfriar and the chosen of Empress Adele. A heroine who has the power of the earth and now who could kill him with that. She is getting to be quite toxic to him. But that is not why their love is doomed. He is masked all the time, because if people knew he was a vampire. Yes there can be no happy ending for this too and it kept breaking my heart thinking of it. Some just have to be together!War is here. Human vs vampires. Killing across Europe. Adele does have the power to end it all, but will she? The price is high, but some do not care. Just like those outside the vampire held lands think that the humans left behind are mindless cattle. It's not a pretty world. And I seriously hate some characters. For some reason no vampires, no, it's just their nature.It was a thrilling conclusion to a good series. A world where all went to hell when vampires rose to crush all humans. It's such a well thought world, cool and different. A world of steam and vampires. So if you want evil vampires (but still one that is sexy and nice) then this is sure the series for you.Conclusion:Do read it.