Call Me Wild

Call Me Wild - Robin Kaye I do like Kaye's heroes, sure this was only my second book but I have looked at the other books. They are just heroes that I would want to meet.On to the review. We have a heroine who does not believe in romance (she has reasons) and who thinks she can sell a romance novel and make some quick cash. I was a bit on the fence first but then I got to know her more and understood her thinking.The hero then, oh please let me have him. A doctor who loves to cook and clean *dies*. Yes please cook me dinner and clean my place. He is the perfect man, well except that he is sporty and likes healthy food ;)The romance is a chase, he wants her, she only believes in lust (figure out for yourself what they do next). They struggle with feelings, they fall in love and there is drama.It was a nice romance with a different heroine and a hero anyone would want to meet.