Vampire State of Mind

Vampire State of Mind - Jane Lovering I do not which genre to put on this, perhaps cos it just feels very British, and then the UF or PNR labels does not work. It's more than just that. It's more gritty, more real, less pretty. If you compare Brit tv vs US tv you know what I am talking about. It's a paranormal book with a bit of action and romance, Brit style.The heroine Jessica can kick ass (but she is not a katana wielding clone.) She tracks down otherworlders who has moved out of the area they should stay in. She has a crappy lovelife and wonders about the guy she can't forget.Sil, the one we soon understand is the guy she can't forget is a powerful vampire from the area. The vamps are all very pretty and stylish. But still they are different. The whole vampire comes to be after you have been infected and a demon lays it's seed in you and a baby demon hatches in your belly..yup not pretty at all. For that the vampires were different and I liked it. They feed off sex, blood and emotions.There are other beings too, and the whole reason they are here are because of a portal that was opened and closed. Another thing that works since it changed the whole world. No world wars, but plenty of human vs beings wars.Conclusion:A different sort of paranormal book. The usual ingredients are there, but the taste is just more, lol, British ;) Not your usual kind of PNR UF.