Marrying Up: A Right Royal Romantic Comedy

Marrying Up - Wendy Holden This book was silly and funny. The silly comes from names used here and there, oh those British peers have strange names. And there were more things too. But it worked and it was charming.The story itself is about Polly, the nice and sweet girl who you have to like. She is specialized in toilets, that is her field in archaeology. She meets Max, a really sweet guy too who is a vet, but he has secrets. Now what can those secrets be?The other POV is Alexa, first I found her amusing, then she was pathetic and then she turned into one big B#ยค%&. She was a golddigger with a big G, she wanted money, she wanted a title. But in the the end she was pathetic and miserable. The last 100 pages I gritted my teeth and wanted to smack her over the head. It got scary there for a moment. And then I do not mean scary as in ohhh danger! But in scary because she is not nice in the end.Silly, fun and a cute little Cinderella story. One thing though, they were all so young, 18-21. I would have wanted the bunch a bit older. Now I just couldn't take it seriously all the time. But like I said, it was funny and silly.A nice little chick-lit book with a Cinderella twist to it.