Mini Shopaholic

Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella Plot:Becky and Luke live with her parents since they can't find a house. The country is suffering from an economical crisis, and people have to cut back. Becky wants to shop, her daughter Minnie is out of control and then Becky wants to throw a party for Luke. It's bound to be a disaster. My thoughts:The book is fun as always but by now, well I mean it's not as funny because she is an addict and she really needs help. Some serious help. Because even if it's not as bad as before she is out of control, and Minnie is showing the signs of a future shopaholic. So no, addiction is not funny now when this is book 6. What to say about this one, she is silly as always, she loves a good deal, she hides things from Luke. I do feel for him, and I wonder how he puts up with it. Minnie, she is a little kid so no wonder she runs around like crazy. This book is no longer laugh out loud, but it still gives me a few smiles, and the ending gives room for yet another book. Where I really hope she will get some professional help. What I do like are those letters here and there in the book. Becky is sending some financial advice to the government, that is hysterical.Recommendation and final thoughts:If you like Kinsella then I am sure you will enjoy this one too, because in the end it is still amusing because Becky is just insane. But I do wished it would have been funnier.Reason for reading:Chick-lit makes me happy, and I want to know happens.Cover: Fun and cute