Entwined (Eternal Guardians (Love Spell))

Entwined  - Elisabeth Naughton Zander has lived for a very long time, and fears that he will never die. He is a great guardian protecting a hidden world and half-breeds out in the human world. But he also feels that he has nothing to live for after his soul mate left. He is hurt deeply. And now demons are hunting in the human world and the half-breed colonies are under attack as the goddess Atalanta is trying to take over. And she wants the guardians dead, together with the rest. But then he meets his soul mate again.I liked the mythology in this one. Atalanta has taken twisted humans that turns into demons out of Hades. She attacks half-breeds, one parent human, the other Argolean who lived in this closed off realm. For protection they have the guardians who all are descended from the Argonauts. There is magic there and they live for a long time. And of course the Greek gods are all true. Now that I like.Zander who is descendant from Achilles has lived for over 800 years and he is tired of it. He is protective, strong, and he loves deeply someone who turned away. Here we learn why. She, Callia is a healer, also very protective and strong. And I wonder what happened, but just gotta read on. They obviously want each other.There is also a sidestory with a kid, Maximus who is in Atalanta's grip. There is some ass-kicking, they do want to kick those demon butts back to the underworld. And then there is the troubled love affair between two people who love each other and are so angry at each other at the same time.I shall not forget the court intrigues since the king is having trouble from the council and wants the princess to marry an Argonaut, and there again I wonder who it will be. It looks to be an interesting book 3, I assume she will be the heroine, and as for the man, well read on.Cool side characters too, like what's the deal with Orpheus? He seems interesting, but do I trust him? In the end, an interesting paranormal romance.