Knowing Me Knowing You

Knowing Me Knowing You - Mandy Baggot My thoughts: Ok I have to tackle one issue first, the cover, it's bad. Actually it would have been a huge improvement if the chicken was gone. Anyway had to get that out of the way cos I know how we all fall in lust with covers or even do not give some books a chance cos of bad ones.Back to the beginning of the actual review then. I was not sure at first but then I got further into the book and the story was good. Sure there were some things that were a bit too simple, and one tiny plot was just that, tiny and silly, I wanted something bigger. But overall the book was good, because the plot in there was cute. So I got past it. In this book we have single-mum Kate, who hires an escort (*shakes head, that is gonna get you in trouble* ;), and Joel who is gorgeous and nice. Soon they are more or less thrown into a contest with chicken gates and love questions. Kate has got doubts about herself, she does try to be strong for her daughter, but when it comes to men, yes she is broken. Then we have sweet sweet sweet Joel, aww, what a sweetie and he falls for her. But it will not be easy, cos we have a ex in the background, her issues with him being so good-looking, and trouble at work. In comes the bitch, I honestly wanted to slap the woman at the office. Trust me, she was evil. So there you go, a couple who pretends to be in love, falls in love. And one crazy contest going on.Conclusion:A sweet and simple book about real life, pretend life and that age old emotion, love. HEA promised, and humour.Rating:Ok and sweet