Empress Josephine's Crown

The Second Empress - Michelle Moran So far I have not read a Moran book that disappointed me, and I happy to say that one was just as good as the rest.Through out the whole book there was this easy flow to it, I took it up and started reading and suddenly I found myself 1/3 through the book. So I did what any booklover would do, I finished it in one day. I really liked the flow, the book felt light by it.The book itself spans over 6 years and has 3 POVS. Princess Marie-Louise who have to marry Napoleon. She is not happy but will do her duty. Then we have Napoleon's sister Pauline who is a piece of work, but still, she has issues too. And last Pauline's chamberlain Paul. They all give an insight and we get to see more than we would have since with just Marie-Louise around. I like how Moran presents everyone, even with their faults she makes me see that there might be something behind all of it. Well except Napoleon, that guy was just crazy. But every man needs a vision.The book felt different from the ones before, maybe because of the lightness, it was not that long either. She wove in the historical facts without making them heavy or making them too many.I could go on and on. In the end, all I want to say is that I really enjoyed reading this book and that I recommend it to all.