Cinderella and the Lady

Cinderella and the Lady - K.T. Grant Look at me, i tried something new! *applauds* Well, in the end it was not "new", whether it's a man and a woman or two women, they are still all just people falling in love :) (still new for me ;)This was a f/f Cinderella story. Ellie, poor thing, honestly evil stepmums, you all need a kick in the bum. But at least she has two friends, a cat and a mouse. Yup, that is how sad her life is. In comes her prince Charming, make that Lady Kristina who has been staying in Finland for a while (which brings me to the reason why I had to read this book.) And the Cinderella theme is always there, just different twists and it works so well.I should also mention that there is also a side storyline, an m/m one, just saying. I will not spill the beans, you will see.The bad guy is not always the one you think either. And here we got one creepy one, again, read and find out. Kind of charming creepy that you just want to back way from at once.A nice change to a familiar story. Cinderella always finds her happy ending.