Flaming Dove

Flaming Dove - Daniel Arenson I am a bit torn really, I really liked the book, but the thing is, I hated the end. I am sure many will say, but the end was perfect! Just as it should be. Well not in this girl's book. It made me sad and angry.The world was just, wow, so cool. Earth is almost destroyed, almost no humans around as they are all dead. Instead demons and angels fight each other in a war going on 27 years. I liked the world, the angels, the demons. All strength and weaknesses. The main character Laila is both and can neither go to heaven of hell. She is sad, angry and lonely and I loved her. I kind of just wanted to hug her. At least she has one friend, a wolf.Then there is Michael who is the angel's leaders, and Belzebub who rules Hell. Both need her to win. A battle of epic proportions are about to begin.I did not like her sister though, Bat El. She was tstl, but at the same time she was not. She was just pure, naive, a harp playing angel, but still I wanted to give her a smack over the head.And then there was the end who made me angry. But up to that, one cool book and Arenson one talented writer.