Dragon Haven (Rain Wilds Chronicles #2)

Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb This one was, I don't know, I prefer her Fitz books more, I didn't care for the liveship books, the first Rain Wilds book was nice, but now this second one, it was just that not that much happened.It starts where the first book ended. They continue their travels down the river. Alise has feelings for Leftrin, but what can she do when she is married to Hest? Sedric wants to steal dragon parts to be rich and run away with Hest. The dragons complain about the hard journey. The dragon keepers have internal conflicts. People are starting to wants partners even though it is forbidden for the heavy touched by the Rain Wilds to mate. Thymara has issues with loosing her independence just cos their "leader" says so. And the Rain Wilds are as dangerous as ever. The book was ok and I read on, it's just that yes not that much happened. Sure a lot of personal problems, and some dangerous Rain Wilds things happening. But other than that it was more about the journey and the journey was just in this one place. My other problem with the book is the ending. Happy, nice, but abrupt and it left me with this big "and then what?" Nothing was resolved in a way. I did hear she was writing on another book about the Rain Wilds so perhaps we can get some questions there, I sure hope so at least. The good things are that Hobb is a remarkable writer and her worlds are great. She is truly talented, even if I prefer Fitz ;) Also she sure loves to make her heroes or heroines suffer but here, not so much. Nothing made me sick to my stomach of worry or sadness.