When Harry Met Molly

When Harry Met Molly - Kieran Kramer Cute is the word, honestly what else can I say than the word cute. Ok disbelief but this is HR and HR plots does not need to stay true to the era..you will see.So Molly and Harry hates each other. Yes I do like that premise, they bicker, they are angry but they need each other. Here is the whole disbelief thing. Molly who is a lady and have spent most of her time at a school and with her elderly aunt is to play his mistress. Sure she stumbles and stuff like that, but she is a lady after all, the whole thing is just one big RUIN ME please event to happen. Her just being there is enough. Anyway so that is the story. A mistress of mistresses is to be chosen. Sweet virginal Molly against 4 mistress with weapons like charm, boobs and a spicy sexlife. Oh and I should also mention how Harry who always hated Molly now suddenly wants to get into her pants. Shame on you Harry, she is your sister in law. Ruin ruin ruin. Kind of a sad romance in a way, I know that there is always an obstacle but this obstacle is removed like on the last page first. There is a sword hanging over them the whole time.But it was CUTE! I was not complaining, I just had to say those things. I am used to HR being like this, we all know all those ruined girls gets their men and everyone lives happily ever after. Cute, there, I said it again and I will read more by Kramer and hope it will be just as cute