Midnight Promises (Sweet Magnolias Series #8)

Midnight Promises - Sherryl Woods This is book 8 in the series, but in the end it did not really matter. Sure there were people around that have had books of their own but it was not their book. It was like any other book with side characters in it. It's all about the couple in the end.And this one was different from romances that I usually read. It was not about how they meet and fall in love. No they are married and like any couple they have hit a bump in the road. Elliott and Karen was truly like any other couple. They were real, they loved each other and they were such idiots at times.I must confess to liking Elliott more, because Karen had her issues from her other marriage, and it was a bit annoying when she was angry at him for something he forgot. He did not mean not tell her, he simply forget. She did not know how to listen or how to trust. But then that is was the book is about. How small things might ruin it all and how you must trust, and talk to your partner. It does take two to make a marriage.There is also a secondary story about Elliott's sister who is having troubles in her marriage and I liked her. Sure she was a bit mean to Karen but people change and evolve. I hope to meet her again in this town. And not to mention that it had funky old grandmothers :)A nice small town romance.