Tracking the Tempest (Jane True)

Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler It was good, it was just not as good. yes yes you have heard it all before, book 2 syndrome. I kept comparing, and truth be told it was the end in book 1 that made me want more. Sure I want more here, just not buy now more. More like, when I have bought all my awesome books, then maybe. it was still good, just not awesome.Jane, Jane, dump that guy. Honestly, sure he is hot and good and bed but the things he says sometimes. And the things he lets others get away with. I just could not stand it. Please go for the cute doggie instead.Anyway, good hunt for the killer, even if Rye, Ruy, oh great I forgot how to spell his name, that guy annoyed me at times. Nothing gets dealt with. I want to see bad guys suffer.The series is good, but I need Jane to shape up. Even hot sex is not always worth it.