Lord of the Black Isle

Lord of the Black Isle - Elaine Coffman This is book 3..but not really book 3. Since it's all about book 2 and 3. Book 1 is about a distant ancestor. Those are connected, but book 3 can still be read as a stand alone. We hear that Elizabeth has been brought back in time and her story to love begin. Book 2 was about her sister and Elizabeth wasn't really in it as she had been kidnapped. But this then is her book.A highlander book, do I need to say more? A hot hunky highlander who wants to sweep our heroine off her feet. He is a bit brooding too as he has to take over as Earl. the heroine is totally different, but then she is a modern woman who wants to practice medicine just as she did back home. And she speaks her mind, she is also a bit heartbroken, but then the best cure for that is of course said hunky highlander.The lovestory does not happen at once, it actually has to grow a bit first (even if he totally wants her from day 1 ;) But she takes her time.If I have to say anything negative it would be that sometimes she thought too much, and I did not need to know about the proverb in her head right now, or that she has no antibiotics, yeah, we get that. But that is not much in the end.Conclusion:All in all a good lovestory about a modern woman and a 16th century Highlander. They clash, and there is passion.