Cowboy Crazy

Cowboy Crazy - Joanne Kennedy A bit of cowboy loving, I should not say little. These two sure wanted each other at once and went for it. The trouble was the loving part, the passion was easy ;)Sarah, I could understand her. Who wants to live in a dying town and with memories like that, so she left and created a new persona. Someone successful and from a good background, but she never lied. She is what Lane should be, but again also re-invented himself and threw away he privileged rich boy and tried his best to become a rancher and a cowboy. So they are opposites, however you look at it. But then does Sarah really want to be all prissy?After having read 2 other books by her I did expect a bit of drama or something, but this was not that kind of book. This was all about the romance. Sarah struggles with her attraction as he is her boss's brother. And Lane really wants her. But she puts up quite the fight, good for her, he should work for it.There is also a bit about her getting over something in the past and going back home. The town she never wanted to see again. She does have a few issues to deal with.Conclusion:All in all making this a sweet (and passionate) cowboy romance. Boy meets girl, the oldest story in the world, and just as lovely as always.