The Spirit Thief (Legend of Eli Monpress Series #1)

The Spirit Thief - Rachel Aaron Sure it was good and all and I liked it, but I am feeling negative today. It's just one of those days.I liked Eli, sure he was a bit too, dunno really, he was just a bit too much of something. Maybe it was the obsession with getting a big bounty on this head, now that just feels silly.Josef I did not get, he was all I shall fight and not lean on my sword that has been given me (long story.) Nice though, their other partner, she has something. Must be the demon she is fighting inside of herself.After them comes Miranda..*shrugs*. That was all about her. Ok I am coming to the bottom of things now. I see. I liked the story, Eli is gonna steal a king, people wants to catch him, something big is brewing and there is a cool system of magic. Everything, I mean everything has a spirit. But what what the book was lacking was a well built world. A world can't stand on magic alone and I did not feel the world around me. Neither do I know if I want to meet these characters again. They did not make a long lasting impact on me. They worked for a book, but more *shrugs again*.Still I enjoyed the ride cos it was light and easy to read. That makes a book more than ok for me. I never struggled with anything, I was swept along.But, yeah, there could have been more.