Kiss at Midnight (Happily Ever After 1)

A Kiss at Midnight  - Eloisa James Still trying new formats :)Once upon a time:There was a woman named Kate. She was strong willed, wanted the best for her dead father's tenants and was treated like a servant.She had a stepmother who swam in jewels and pretty dresses and a step-sister who was a silly little thing.Then one day she was bullied to save her sister's reputation and met a prince. This prince was as princes are and they bickered and sized one another up. That is how love began.But alas no, the prince needed to marry for money and told her so. Good old Kate did a silly thing that the reader did not approve of. Let that be a lesson to all. She threw away virtue and all. Now you dear reader tell me what else is new? But I shall tell thee. In some stories this may work, but here is another story. These two were starcrossed lovers. She knew so, he knew so. They told each other so. Still she went for a night of passion, still he seduced that which was not his to take. She should have been ruined for all but as we all also know, this is love and love always finds a way. I still say nay.And that was the story of how Cinderella found a prince. A historical romance with a fairy-tale story. Since so many names were utterly silly and the whole story had the right fairy-tale vibe.A cute little story. And oh how this format was wrong. So not trying it again.