Nadia Knows Best

Nadia Knows Best - Jill Mansell First of all, the blurb is very hinting that she is tempted and all that. But she is only looking and who would not. So no funny business, this is not a book about how the grass is greener in the other side.As with other Mansell books this one is not only about Nadia. We have her sister Clare who is an artist and who dates this posh idiot and they are having issues. Then there is the father who has never really dated since their mum left them ages ago, and perhaps he should find love too. The grandmother Miriam is keeping secrets while the neighbor tries to make her fall for him. Clare was a bit of a bitch sometimes, Miriam was a very cool granny and their dad was sweet. It was nice reading about them all.As for Nadia, honestly it feels I spoil things if I say what this book really is about. But I can talk about other thing, how she wants to do more than work at the boring place she works at. How Laurie is drop dead gorgeous, but that's it, he is a model and he is never home. And how things are not always what they seem to be. Nadia will have her own relationship troubles but as with all books like this she founds her way, and it's the right way for her. I liked her and how she helped take care of her family. They may not always be the best of friends but they all still love each other.Mansell's books are like scones and tea (yes I had to go very British). The book is a nice mix of romance, family drama and real life troubles. Nothing is glossy and perfect, they all got issues of their own. And I enjoyed it for just that reason.Conclusion:It was just like how I like my Mansell books. Fun and it kept me guessing about what would happen to them all.