Run Rabbit Run (Sophie Green Mystery, #5)

Run Rabbit Run (Sophie Green Mystery, #5) - Kate Johnson There are books before this one, but this book it the first book relased by Choc lit, and I decided to give it a go (ok I might have missed the part of a series thing ;) But it still worked great as a stand alone, you did not need to know Sophie from before and this was certainly a new adventure for her.The book starts with a bang, Sophie in the run. And the book never slows down, Sophie keeps on running from the MI5 while trying to figure out who is after her. I kept on wondering if she would manage this cos in the end I could not know (there could always be another book). Suspense and action is certainly found, together with a chilling intrigue. Who can be trusted? Who framed Sophie? Who is the man she meets on the run? Because of the non-stop thrill-ride you never get bored.Sophie as a heroine is different. She thinks too fast, she is not patient, she loves pink and Buffy. She is human, not some suave spook (thinking of James Bond here). For that I like her. Luke her boyfriend is nice too, but he is the true James Bond type. Privilegied, smooth, but totally smitten by his some what trashy girlfriend. Sadly as she is on the run they do not have much time together. But we do get to see his POV a few times as he misses her and tries to clear her name.It's a book that takes hold of you and never lets go, and you know what, it would make one cool movie.